Success Story 7

Nine year old Amina* is an orphan-refugee from Rwanda who lives with her mother and four siblings in Johannesburg. They share a single room in a run-down house, which also houses other refugees, mostly single unemployed young males.

Amina’s* late father had ferried the family to Johannesburg to seek refuge during the 1994 Rwanda genocide. A few years later, he passed on leaving an unemployed wife with five children to raise. Their only son was sadly murdered.

A glimmer of hope appeared last year when Islamic Relief heard about their plight and included them as beneficiaries in its Orphan and Child welfare programme. Amina* and her siblings receive educational support and nutritional assistance with a monthly food hamper.

Despite of their current predicament, Amina* and her family are still hopeful that their dreams for the future will be fulfilled. Mariam*, the eldest daughter, will graduate from college, have a job and earn a living so that she can one day take control of her family’s life.

Orphans and vulnerable children, like Amina* needs your help so that they too can grow up to be self-sustainable.

Donate your charity by supporting the Islamic Relief Orphan Endowment Waqf Fund, a project in partnership with Iqraa Trust and Albaraka Bank.

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