Success Story 1

For grade 3 learner, Nokwanda*, the support from Islamic Relief South Africa has made it possible for her to stay in school. She is a beneficiary of the Orphan and Child welfare programme. We have provided her with basic school necessities i.e. school uniforms, stationery, and a monthly food hamper.

Nokwanda* lives in a four-bedroom RDP house in a rural area, south of Durban in KwaZulu Natal. The house is shared with her 59-year-old grandmother, who is her guardian, a 12-year-old sister and five cousins who are all still attending school. 

Nokwanda’s* father abandoned her and her family years ago. Her mother has subsequently passed away in 2004 from a Tuberculosis-related illness.

Although the house has electricity, water and sanitation, it is too small for the large family and is negatively affecting Nokwanda’s health which has been very unstable. She is currently being treated at the local clinic.

By helping one child through the Islamic Relief Orphan Endowment Waqf Fund, you help all of humanity.


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