Success Story 2

Nine year old Ayanda* lives with her grandmother, her 13 year old sister and two cousins, in a two bedroom RDP house in an informal settlement, on the outskirts of Durban, KwaZulu Natal.

Although electricity is available, the family cooks on open fire because of the high cost of electricity. However, the water supply is inadequate and the sanitation is poor.

Raising four young children, is taking its toll on Ayanda’s* grandmother, who is suffering from acute stress, high blood pressure and arthritis.

Ayanda* is a beneficiary of Islamic Relief South Africa’s Orphan and Child Welfare programme. The humanitarian organization assist’s the family with a monthly food hamper and provides Ayanda with school accessories and uniforms, which has helped her stay in school.

This support has only been made possible with the help of generous contributions made by donors towards the Orphan Endowment Waqf Fund, a partnership with Iqraa Trust and Albaraka Bank.

Donate today and save a life.

For more information about the Orphan Endowment Waqf Fund, call 0800 111 898 or email