Success Story 5

Four years old Ntomifuthi* lives with her grandmother and four siblings in an informal settlement in the south of Johannesburg. They live in an informal dwelling with access to electricity and clean, running water.

However, due to her grandmother’s age and ill health, the family is struggling to survive with the only support they have received through Islamic Relief South Africa’s Orphan and Child welfare programme.

As a beneficiary, Ntomifuthi* receives educational support i.e. school uniforms, books and stationery. Islamic Relief South Africa also provides the family with a monthly food hamper to sustain their nutritional and health needs.

Orphans and vulnerable children, like Ntomifuthi* needs your help so that they too can grow up to be self-sustainable.

Donate today and save a life.

For more information about the Orphan Endowment Waqf Fund, call 0800 111 898 or email