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Activities & Programs of the Orphans Endowment Fund

The Need

In needy communities, when parents die or a surviving adult is chronically or terminally ill, children face having to care for themselves and their siblings.

Many orphans suffer from malnutrition and are forced to drop out of school. They have no money for food, shelter, health care, education and clothing. These children face a future of neglect, abject poverty, despair and often suffer physical abuse. They sometimes seek refuge on the streets, or end up begging or being forced into crime for survival.

Winter Warmth Program

The winter period in South Africa sees a number of deaths and suffering due to harsh conditions, with people forced into poverty being disproportionately affected. In South Africa 20.2% of the population live in extreme poverty and 45.5% of the population live in moderate poverty (Stats SA), with a large number of these individual being either homeless or living in informal dwellings.

The Orphan Endowment Fund through its commitment to eradicating extreme poverty and hunger conducted a winter project drive. The project specifically attended to the provision of winter warmth clothing items for an estimated 186 orphaned and vulnerable children.

The winter items ensure that the children are adequately provided with warm clothing, so that they may adequately kitted for the winter months coming. Each kit contains a blanket, hot water bottle, beanie, scarf, socks, raincoat, vests and gumboots.

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Ready for School Program

Every year, hundreds of school children are left with the reality of having no school stationery or uniforms to welcome them back to the new school year.

The Back to School programme acts as a support programme, to cater for the basic needs for primary and secondary school going children on an annual basis. The project aims to provide school uniforms and school stationary as part of the educational support for the sponsored 344 orphans and vulnerable children including siblings that are part of the Orphans and Vulnerable Children’s Programme.

Each child received an all essential stationery pack for the academic year, a complete school uniform and jacket, a school bag, and school shoes. The Back to School project ensures that children have the confidence and adequate supplies to be successful in the academic year.

The Care and Support Program

Funds from the OEWF are used to support Islamic Relief South Africa’s projects benefiting orphaned and vulnerable children (OVC) in South Africa.

Many of our beneficiaries come from disadvantaged communities that have high levels of unemployment, soaring rates of HIV/Aids infections and where opportunities to earn an income and education are low.

According to UNAIDS, South Africa has the highest HIV/Aids prevalence rate in the world, which currently stands at 20%. There are also more than 5 million orphans and single-parent children in the country. At least 10% of the 2 million children orphaned by HIV/Aids live in child headed households.

The orphans and vulnerable children’s project by Islamic Relief looks at the holistic development and empowerment of the orphan family and have therefore established the Osizweni Community Centres to cater for this purpose.


The Osizweni Community Centres has become a hub of activity for rural communities as beneficiaries can come to for care, support and assistance with their educational, financial, nutritional, health, physical and developmental needs.

Islamic Relief currently runs Osizweni Community Centres in the following areas: Ennerdale (Jhb South); Mitchell’s Plain (Cape Town); Wyebank & Umbumbulu (Durban) and Copesville (Pietermaritzburg).

Services Provided To Orphans’ Families:

  • A monthly food hamper
  • Establishment of food gardens
  • School uniforms and stationery
  • Clothing and blankets
  • Care workers visit orphan’ homes, provide home-based care and assist sick patients and  guardians
  • Day-care programs for pre-school children
  • An after-care program where children can learn and play and their progress is assessed
  • Care workers ensure that all the children of school-going age attend school
  • Guardians attend a weekly support group
  • Access to water by supply tank

Making a Difference

Already the Orphans Endowment Fund is addressing the needs of more than 1,000 OVC orphans and vulnerable children and their family members. The number of beneficiaries is increasing steadily as the Fund grows.